Becoming a Spiritualist Healing Medium

I am currently training to be a Spiritualist Healing Medium with The Spiritualists’ National Union (SNU).  The training involves completing three elements.  These are worked on mostly simultaneously.  These are 100 practical supervised contact healing sessions, training by the group’s Healing Leader with three review sessions and completion of a theoretical written correspondence course (H1 – Foundation in Spiritual Healing).  The training can be completed in not less than one year, but more usually takes 2 – 3 years but can take longer.

I started on this formal path early last year and am almost half way through my 100 healing sessions, making progress on the H1 course and have almost completed the training sessions (my last review session is next Saturday).

On Wednesday this week while receiving training from my Healing Leader I expressed doubt in my healing abilities and thereafter have had an interesting week.

On Friday morning I ended up attending the church during my daughter’s school’s weekly service (she attends a C of E school).  The service was about the Pentecost (presented in a very child friendly manner with lovely lively songs and balloons to illustrate the story!)  The story talked about the Power of God entering the disciples and how this felt (illustrated by blowing up a balloon and bouncing it around – as opposed to a balloon that was deflated).  I felt that changing the words to “Power of Spirit” and that would describe how Spiritualist mediums feel when they are working with spirit.  And if you don’t hold onto that power of god (illustrated by letting an inflated balloon go without tying a knot) then that power can take you anywhere (balloon whizzed off in mad, unpredictable directions).

At circle that evening we worked with trance.  However, though I tried I could not settle into a trance state at all.  My chair was digging into my shoulder, and whenever I got comfortable, my foot would twitch, or itch, or hurt.  And then the pain would start again at my shoulder.  So, though I got close to the trance state, I couldn’t maintain it (my physical self was getting in the way).  We stopped that exercise, talked about our experiences and then settled into a group healing session – to send healing to those affected by the Manchester bomb.  I swapped chairs and was almost instantly able to settle into a relaxed, healing state.

On Saturday I attended the healing centre and gave healing to a couple of patients.  After we’d finished the main session we were able to carry out a healing in a more unusual way.  Two of the healers gave a patient contact healing (by holding the patient’s hand) and the remaining 5 healers, sat behind the first two healers and sent the two healers distant healing.  We were allowed to go into a much deeper healing state for this exercise and this carried on for about 15-20 minutes.

After these experiences I realised that I have been getting in the way of the healing. I need to establish the healing link, and then allow the healing to flow and relax as much as possible (within the constraint of remaining aware and conscious of how the patient is responding to the healing). Today at the healing session following the service I allowed myself to relax more during the healings and not only personally felt better about how the healing went, but also received positive feedback from the recipients.

I have much more to learn (after all the seventh principle of spiritualism is eternal progress open to every human soul – so I will always be learning) but feel that progress has been made this week. I love that a few days within my normal life can result in that change, and I don’t have to go on an intensive course or spiritual retreat to make that progress.

The photos today are from the Million Eyez photo repository. The beautiful flowers are like our spiritual selves, opening up and blooming. And the power of love is the healing power of God.

A Prayer

Dear Lord,

Thank you for this day
Thank you for the opportunities and chances
Thank you for the flowers and the trees and the leaves
Thank you for the bees and the butterflies
Thank you for the birds and animals and our companions
Thank you for the wind
Thank you for the Sun and the Moon and the stars
Thank you for the love
Thank you for the healing
May we send out the light for all to see and feel
May we uplift and heal


On Saturday I attended a new circle, during which we sat a listened to some music while connecting to spirit and allowing ourselves to be inspired to write a prayer (everyone chose to write their prayers out rather than saying their prayer on the fly).

This was a really interesting experience for me. I’ve been asking spirit to help me improve my ability to hear them. I’ve been sure that I can hear them, but been feeling like an out of tune radio. So, we listened to the music and connected to spirit (I’ve started to imagine myself raising holding onto a helium filled balloon. This seems to be a fun but gentle way to connect to spirit, but is definite enough that I’m succeeding when making my connection) and wrote down what we felt we should. For me, I felt words form in my head, then I wrote them down. The words sometimes came just two or three at a time: “Dear Lord…. Thank you… for… this day…. opportunities… and chances… Thank you for the flowers and the trees… and the leaves…”

I was surprised at how well the prayer (or possibly poem) flowed. I edited it a little (added a tiny bit to one line, and added two additional lines mid prayer) but all while still consciously connecting to spirit. However, this was minimal editing compared to what I may usually do when writing.

So, an additional prayer: “Thank you Spirit for guiding me to the right place and helping me learn to listen to you!”

Divine Service

This morning I had the opportunity of taking part in the Divine Service with other members of my centre’s development circle.  While other members of the circle chaired the service, gave the opening and closing prayer, did the healing address and gave the demonstration, I gave the reading and address (also known as philosophy)

The reading I gave was from White Eagle’s “The Still Voice” and was entitled “Be Strong in the Light”  The address I’ve been working on bit by bit for a couple of weeks and finished writing it yesterday.  Here it is, more or less how I gave it this morning at the service:

Good Morning!

During the service two weeks ago, our medium Jim Bates mentioned that the movement of people from Syria was the biggest movement of people since the second world war and this put me in mind of something that White Eagle said regarding the horrors that happened in the two world wars.

I’ve not been able to find the exact details of what he said, but my memory is that despite what happened it moved the spiritual growth of the planet collectively forward.

When I got home after the service I saw that someone had posted a picture up of a family happily reunited in Germany after an awful journey (another picture showed them about 2 weeks before having an awful experience while entering Hungary)  On looking at that picture I saw one persons comment’s that this crises had made them actually pray for the family, something that she would never normally do.

It’s the crises and turmoils in our lives that make us look up and seek help.

People are seeing what’s happening and either acting to make change, or sending their prayers and healing out, something that perhaps they wouldn’t normally consider doing.  In doing so we are seeing a collective effort to improve the situation for everyone.

However, It’s important when bad things happen not to dwell on the evil.  Instead we need to do what we can to help.  We may not be able to help directly, in which case we can send healing and light – but also to look for the positive things that are happening.

People are coming together and helping.  There are small community groups, organising via social media, making collections of  much needed clothes, food and medicines and then driving them to Calais to get them to aid workers who are able to help distribute the aid.  They are organising convoys of cars to take the aid over on a regular basis.

Requests have gone out for books for a library so that refugees in Calais can escape a little by reading.  Money is being raised to send clothes and toys to refugee children in Greece.

I’ve seen one small charity request £1000 of support through online “crowd-funded” aid.  When they closed their appeal they had raised over £150000.  A measure of just how much people collectively want to help.  I really hope they are now inspired to find good ways to put that money to positive use.

So, when something happens in your life that is awful and difficult.  Or you see something happening in the world that is upsetting. Please don’t be overwhelmed by the negative in the situation.  Look for the people who are being inspired to help, send them healing to help support them.

In our own lives we sometimes hit the depths of despair with things that are happening that we feel we cannot control.  However as we move forward and learn from our experiences we find that we have grown, and often are doing thing we would never have considered in the past.  Then we can look back and see the silver linings and hidden blessings that were part of our experience.

I know it’s really difficult to see the images or hear the stories of this situation on a daily basis and not to feel overwhelmed with sadness and even despair at finding a solution.  However we mustn’t be blown along by the turmoil and shock in a situation, instead we should stand strong and calm and work in whatever way we can, whether that be directly or indirectly, with the help of spirit, to make the situation better for everyone involved.

So, when we do our healing can we please not only send healing to the refugees that need the help, but also to the volunteers and workers whoever and wherever they are, be they campaigners, doctors, teachers, volunteers co-ordinating donations or delivering and distributing aid, or many others who I have not mentioned.  They are spending their time and energy working to help the refugees.  So please send healing to enable them to continue finding the energy they need to see this work through.

The Reading
The Reading

Welcome to Mandala

The last few months have been a bit of a spiritual journey for me. In December of last year something triggered me to start looking at oracle cards, and very shortly after I was starting to investigate Tarot cards.

At the same time I started with the oracle cards and tarot I started to feel the need to use crystals in my life (for my birthday my mum gave me the most beautiful rainbow quartz crystal point).

In January the organisation of my home life shifted slightly and it became possible to attend a weekend’s intensive mediumship course (imagine my surprise when I was able to book on the course with no problems just three days before it started!) There are three weekend courses in total, I’m looking forward to attending the other two.

Prior to this, to help me gain perspective on my life (I’m currently divorcing) I started using and reading books by White Eagle.

At the moment I feel like I’m at the foothills of a long journey. I have lots to learn and skills to develop but I can see light at the end of the tunnel and I’m hopeful for the future.   This blog is going to be the place I talk about my journey. I’m going to concentrate on my spiritual progress and development rather than specifics (I’m not going to log the tarot readings I’m doing, that’ll be too personal).

If I come across a book that I find particularly useful or a wonderful meditation, then I’ll share it here.

I’m also going to share my understanding of tarot meanings and spreads that I’ve found useful.

I’d welcome companions on my journey and look forward to hearing your thoughts!